Please contact these Democrat senators now!!

Wednesday 2 Dec 09

It's another sad day for the gay population in the United States. Today the New York senate failed to pass a marriage equality bill.  What with gay people's rights being taken away in Maine recently, to say nothing of the proposed death penalty for gay people in Uganda and the horrible treatment of gays in Iran, it's a pretty depressing time.

But what do we do when we're feeling blue?  We get right back in the saddle and we email the 8 Democratic NY senators who voted against civil rights and equality, and tell them what we think of them. Here they are...My friend Denis O'Hare sent me this list, along with some links to articles about them... Go forth, contact them and give them what for.  They are democratically elected but are denying people democratic rights.

Joseph Addabbo (D) - This guy's from Howard Beach - 'nuff said
(518) 455-2322;

Darrel Aubertine (D) Upstate dairy famer
(518) 455-2761;

Ruben Diaz (D)  - this guy is the worst.  He has made it his business to preach against gays and lesbians
(518) 455-2511;

Shirley Huntley (D) JFK Airport - Jamaica
(518) 455-3531;

Carl Kruger (D)  - Manhattan Beach, Brighton Beach
(518) 455-2460;

Hiram Monserrate (D) LaGuardian Airport, Queens
(518) 455-2529;

George Onorato (D) Astoria, Queens
(518) 455-3486;

William Stachowski (D) - Upstate NY - Buffalo