Tuesday 29 Dec 09

WTF? Jonathan Schaech filmed his proposal to his girlfriend and put it on Facebook?! Hello? What ever happened to living in the moment? If I were a one-issue Republican, I would vote for Miley Cyrus for President for her magnificent gesture to the youth of the world of turning her back on Twitter. Can't people have an experience on its own without twittering about it as they have it? Twitter to me is the social networking equivalent of people who clutch cameras to their chests as they ride a rollercoaster.

And talking of presidential voting, I'm sorry, but in his first year, although he has disappointed many (including myself on his lack of follow up to and downright obstruction of any positive changes in the iniquitous state of LGBT equality), Obama is trying to make some radical, amazing changes to American society and I applaud him and his team. All you people out there who are bemoaning the over-spending, just shut up and imagine the alternative, or better still try and form an opinion or a thought that is not just a defensive, negative, knee-jerk reaction to the fact that the status quo is changing and you can't deal with it.

And if there were a God, I would be genuflecting to him or her for what seems to be the beginning of the spiral towards bad TV biopics and universal derision that is Sarah Palin's career. What a disgrace, America, that she even registered on the political landscape. I see the fact that some Republican supporters I spoke to over the holidays said they felt her political career was waning is proof that they understand the sham that she is, the real change that is happening and how kitschy, homespun ignorance is no match for it.  George Bush is ovah, people. The people spoke.

And how many Kardashians are there? As I ran at the gym today, I watched one of them on TV having a sonogram/deciding whether or not to have an abortion. Yes, really.


Also please vote for me in the awards cos I am being beaten by a magician and I don't think that's fair.  I smell a rat.