Thursday 14 Jan 10

I am having a rollicking day.  First of all I had the weirdest dreams, including one in which my friend Joey was in a play and I had to take over from him midway through the performance.  At some point in the piece Joey's character was to get punched in the stomach and he was wearing a padded protector around his waist, and as I was getting ready to take over nobody could work out if the punching part of the play had already happened.  Oh, and Obama and Michelle were in the audience, natch.

Then I went to a lunch for the movie Precious. Why does a piece of celluloid needs sustenance of this kind, I hear you cry? Well, it's more to do with the fact that the Academy Award ballots are due in soon and this lunch was a chance for Academy voters to be reminded to nominate.  I had a lovely chat with Gabby, the actress who plays Precious, mostly about Mariah Carey's hilarious speech at the Palm Springs Film festival last week. Youtube it, it's so worth it.

I also ran into my friend Jennifer Elster, in whose film, Into The Woods, I am to appear. She is finishing up a trilogy of films, Into the Woods, Into the Studio and Into the Cave, and has been keeping a really fascinating blog about the process. I can't wait to see the finished results.

Noew I am off to Brooklyin for a costume fitting for The Good Wife.  I am starting filming  on this show tomorrow.  I am doing what is called in the business 'an arc'. I would therefore like to be referred to henceforth as Joan.  I never knew that doing a few episodes in a TV show was called 'an arc ' before.  Isn't life wonderful?  Anyway the man is downstairs in the car waiting to take me...

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