I've moved my money!!!

Friday 15 Jan 10

I lost a ton of cash when the crash happened.  My savings were at Goldman Sachs, and since then I have been disgusted at the utter disdain they and the other big financial organisations have shown to the people.  The huge bonuses, the lack of lending, the disrespect.  Not to mention the fact that their mismanagement and greed got us all into the state of near ruin in the first place.

I have been frustrated and wondering how to change my situation, as well as to make a stand against these organisations.  And now I have found the solution.  I'm moving my money.  Arianna Huffington from the Huffington Post began a campaign to encourage people like you and me to move our money from the big banks to smaller, local community ones.  It makes so much sense (see the video below), and now I have done it.  As of tomorrow I will no longer be a customer of Goldman Sachs.

I feel a cleaner, better person already.