Live from the sofa

Saturday 23 Jan 10

Today I am feeling a bit icky.  Right now I am lying on the sofa with my dogs watching a Buster Keaton movie.  I just watched a movie called 'Who The F@#k is Jackson Pollock' about a lady truck driver trying to convince the art world that a painting she found in a thrift store is a bona fide Pollock.  The art world people come off as total assholes.  I suppose money taints everything.

Anyway I am going to rouse myself because I am hopefully seeing the Lady Gaga at Radio City tonight.  We are on 'standby' for tickets, whatever that means.  So I am chanting that we don't just go up there and stand whilst the chance passes us by.

I cancelled the L'uomo Vogue shoot today because of my vomitous state so am doing it tomorrow instead.  Will report back about it all manana. In the meantime, watch this...