Thursday 28 Jan 10

Recently, after a long, ardous process, my office and my publicist succeeded in having a Facebook account removed becaue someone was pretending to be me. Not a fan site, but someone actively impersonating me and tricking many accquaintances of mine into thinking they were communicating with me.  Why do people do that?  I really don't get it.  I am someone who prides himself in being honest in my communication and interaction with people so this really gets to me.

Today I am told that another Alan Cumming Facebook account has sprung up.  Again let me reiterate: I have no problem with fan pages or any sort of site in which my name is used, I just cannot tolerate anyone tricking the public into thinking that they are me.  So until we can have this new account deleted, please boycott this Facebook fraudster, and tell anyone you know who is interested that the only genuine Alan Cumming internet page is right here!