Presenting Mr Leon

Friday 5 Feb 10

This is my other dog, Leon. He is a medium-haired chihuahua and is quite a big personality. Leon's hobbies include eating, eating and licking people in lieu of eating.

This picture brings back happy memories. It was taken a few years ago when we were driving in my VW Camper Van, Herb, to Toronto for the film festival.  On the way we stopped and spent the night in a camp site and cooked dinner over an open fire and heard bears sniffing around as we slept in Herb's upstairs bunk.  The next night I was walking the red carpet for the premiere of my movie. I remember thinking how horrified the paps and the press would be had they seen me the night before -  covered in soot, twigs in my hair, crouched over a campfire on my knees, blowing till I was dizzy to keep the flames alive.  Leon was not a fan of the camp site.  He likes his comforts, and the great outdoors are not really his passion. Honey, on the other hand, whilst seemingly demure and ladylike in the city becomes a feral beast in the country, spending her evenings on the deck of our house staring off into the darkness like a native American chief, protecting us from who knows what.

Honey and Leon make cameo appearances in my friend David Raleigh's video of his song I Do, which is currently playing on LOGO channel.  The other dog at the end of the video is Acteon, who belonged to my friends Josh and Lucio, but who sadly died not long after the video was shot.  My friend Ned and I made this video last summer.

I just got home after a long day of rehearsals.  I have been contorting with two lovely girls called Victoria and Shannon.  It is so amazing to work with people so talented.  I think any artist just wants to tell a story, and so how great it must be to be able to tell a story with your whole body.  I also spent some time standing on a bar lip-synching to myself singing That's Life. It's a funny old world indeed.  My old friend Joey Pizzi is choreographing this movie.  I met Joey a long time ago when I first came to New York because we both had the same agent, and Joey was my first NY friend.  Who would have thunk that when we first met we would wind up working together years later in Hollywood, trying to figure out how to get a tortilla chip into my mouth via a girl's foot ?! Uh, not me!!