Haiti Relief Fashion show

Saturday 13 Feb 10

Last night I walked in the Haiti Relief fashion show at Bryant Park. It was insane.  We made a little video to try and give you a feel of the frenzy that surrounds such events.  It was also a surreal mix of people. I don't imagine Fran Liebowitz, David Lachapelle and the Duchess of York hang out together that often.

I had a fun time, and the best part is knowing that loads of cash is going to a really good place.  The outifts that we wore are going to be auctioned off on netaporter.com soon so please go there, register and raise some much needed money for Haiti by bagging some fashion swag. I wore a kilt suit by 21st Century Kilts. I'm not wearing the jacket in this picture but it is included.

I also went to see my friend Cynthia Rowley's show yesterday at Gotham Hall which was amazing, all padded gloves and bouncy feathery things (I would never make a fashion journalist, would I?) I also got to say hello to my little god-daughter Gigi, and her sister Kit, Cynthia's kids.  Then it was a photo shoot with lovely Frederic Aranda, in which my dogs Honey and Leon stole the show. After the Haiti fashion show I went downtown to the after-party for Christian Seriano's show, which was lots of fun and a chance to catch up with friends. Christian and I share the same publicist.  His mum was there, beaming with pride.

Check out this video. It's pretty nuts.  And just remember that about half an hour before I had been picking up dog poop.