Tupperware for Haiti and after the Rapture

Wednesday 17 Feb 10

Those of you who are regular readers of this blog will remember that I had a Tupperware party to celebrate my becoming 45.  And it was the best fun!  All my friends, even those who had been slightly sniffy about the idea beforehand, got really into it and one time I looked behind me and saw them all sitting cross-legged, enraptured by our Tupperware lady and her patter and games, looking for all the world like a class of infants.

Instead of getting presents I asked for donations for Haiti and we raised over $1400.  When I reported this on my blog, the lovely Maria (who works with Anita) got in touch and said she and Tupperware wanted to raise some money too, as did quite a few of you, dear readers....

.....so now, taa raa, as of tomorrow (Thursday 18th) for two whole weeks until Thursday 4th March, if you go to Maria's Tupperware page, ALL the proceeds of what you buy will go directly to Haiti Relief. Isn't that great? No commission or anything! Every cent goes straight to Haiti. So please get buying some cool plastic and help the earthquake victims at the same time.  And tell your friends!  And stop press! If you order by Friday 26th, you'll get a free gift on top of whatever you order!! Woo Hoo! (Can you see now why my party was such a hit?!)

On a less happy note, my Facebook impostor is still at large.  We haven't heard back from our contact at Facebook who removed the last impostor pretending to be me (or indeed the same person who has just relaunched himself).  So please tell anyone you know that the Alan Cumming on Facebook is not, and never has been, me.

Also in my continuing campiagn of shaming hotels who make you pay unnnecesarily for internet use, I would like to say that the Ritz-Carlton in Boston is guilty as charged.  I always say it's the mark of a classy hotel that it gives you free internet, and the Ritz-Carlton does not make the grade. Shame! 

Finally, my friend Joey just sent me this video advertising petcare after The Rapture.  For those of you who don't know, the Rapture is something that some Christians believe might happen in which they will all be flown up to heaven and the rest of us will remain on Earth and be turned into frogs (or something).  Of course the dilemma lots of Christians are having is what to do with their pets if this happens?  Apparently God's love only extends to Christians and not their furry friends.  So luckily now there is an organisation that will dole out the pets to non-Christians who are left on stinky old Earth. Phew!

Yes really, you couldn't make this up.