my old bones

Tuesday 23 Feb 10

Sorry for radio silence. I have been working my butt off, literally.  Yesterday I had the craziest day of filming on Burlesque.  The morning consisted of  me dancing around and on top of the bar in the club where the story is set.  That meant a lot of jumping and leaping and spinning, and all the while lip-synching to myself singing That's Life - not the version I do on my album, I Bought A Blue Car Today, but one that I recorded one rainy Saturday last December in a studio in Los Angeles, and on which I am backed by the actual original arrangement that Frank Sinatra used when he recorded the song in 1966.

Yes, the movie bought the original arrangement, took Frank's vocals off and put me on! No pressure, then! Also I found it really hard to get the version from my album out of my head, esecially as I went back to doing that in the gigs I've played since recording the Frank version. Aagh! But everything was fine.  I came, lip-synced and therefore I am.

What was hilarious to me was that yesterday I was dancing around four boys who were playing barmen in the club.  And these boys are actually dancers who have danced with Michael Jackson, Madonna, everyone, and here am hauling my forty-five year old ass around, dancing up a storm whilst these amazing (and very young) movers looked on!!  There is jangling in the spheres, as Shakespeare put it.  That's no right, as we say in Scotland.

Then in the afternoon I did a number called Jungle Fever with the lovely and VERY flexible Victoria and Shannon.  This included, for me, lifting, handstands and falling into Victoria's crotch.  Nice work if you can get it, eh?  And of course, as we all know, on movies, you have to do things again and again and again!

So today I am a little sore.  I went and soaked and steamed my aching bod at the Bevely Hot Springs after filming.  I keep forgetting I have black nail varnish for this role and then I look down and think I have died or have gangrene.

This is a picture of me by Craig Mckay that was recently in the National Museum of Scotland's exhibition Salt of the Earth. I like it.  It makes me pine for longer hair.   It also makes me long for piney hair. Ha ha. that reminds me of  shampoo called Timotei that was huge in my youth.

Here's a trailer about my friend Andrew's new book....