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Thursday 25 Feb 10

Last night I was in the garden bar of my hotel with a couple of friends and we were playing a game called Two Truths And A Lie. Have you ever played it? It's great.  Basically you say three things about yourself, two of which are true and one of which is a lie, and the other players have to guess which is the lie.  My standard three for the opening round are: I've been stranded on a desert island; I was a Lee Jeans model; I was an ambassador for Martini Rossi.  Can you guess?

The last one is the lie. I was actually once an ambassador for Grand Marnier (don't ask), but never Martini Rossi.  Good game, huh?  It's amazing what you discover about your friends. Last week I played it in Boston and discovered that my assistant has saved two people from drowning, met Obama twice, and been arrested twice! He kept mum about the latter in his interview for the job.

Anyway, last night we played it and one of my truths was that I had played someone in a movie who was also in the garden.  How crazy is that?  That's LA for you.  He is actually a very nice man from the art world and my character in the film Ripley Under Ground was based on him.  The character even had an assistant with the same name as his.

Talking of the art world, I am very pleased to tell you that Boogie Woogie is being released by IFC films in the US on April 23rd and in the UK the week before.  Boogie Woogie is all about a group of artists, collectors and those who love and hate them in the London art scene. I shot it absolutely ages ago and honestly thought it would never see the light of day, so I am especially pleased that it is finally coming out because I really like it.  It has a great cast: Gillian Anderson, Charlotte Rampling (I still can't believe I am in a movie with her. She is a goddess), Stellan Skarsgaard (the hot vampire's dad), Heather Graham (who I have snogged in front of the New Yorker sign), Danny Huston, Jack Huston, Amanda Seyfried, Jamie Winston, Christopher Lee, Joanna Lumley, it goes on and on. Anyway, thought I'd give you a heads up so you can rush out and buy your tickets. I play a little curator called Dewey Dalamanatousis (the palest Greek man ever captured on celluloid) and I am one of the few nice people in the story. You can tell in this photo, can't you?

I just had a look at the traffic to my website and I have to say thank you all so much!!! Since I started blogging every day at the beginning of the year the number of people visiting the site has rocketed by over 100%!!!  If I were my boss I would give myself a huge raise! But seriously, thanks, it's very gratifying that people are interested and enjoying my ramblings.

My friend Eddie, he of the Chic report, sent me this video of Vivienne Westwood.  She is such an amazing artist and I thought I would share it with you.  Vivienne designed the costumes for a play I did years ago called Elle. I played the Pope, naturally.  She really is a legend and it was amazing to work with her.  I had met her many years before because my ex-girlfriend had modelled for her in a series of ads in which she wore dresses and outfits made of carpet (again, don't ask!), and there was a party to celebrate.  I was introduced to Vivienne and I told her I really liked the dress she was wearing.  'That's the great thing about being a designer', she said in her Northern drawl. 'You get to wear really nice clothes'.

Talking of clothes - wow, I am on a seamless roll here - I am off in a bit to the Costume Designers' Guild awards.  I shall be giving, not receiving. I think it will be a real hoot and I am going to be there with my friend Christopher.  He was the costume designer of The Anniversary Party and Ghost Writer (my version, not Polanski's!!) and we met on the Flinstones movie.  The costume designer of that film, Robert Turturice, who was Christopher's great friend and mentor, died recently and he is being honoured tonight.  I will tell you all about it tomorrow.