And the winner!

Tuesday 9 Mar 10

I woke up today to discover that I had won a Bistro award for my album I Bought A Blue Car Today! How great is that?  And it's also pretty great to be in the same company as Elaine Stritch and Mitzi Gaynor!! How did this happen?

Also today I went for a meeting to discuss my hosting duties for the GLAAD awards this Saturday in New York City. GLAAD is a great organisation that is a sort of watchdog for how the LGBT population is represented in the media. On Saturday they will be unveiling thier new logo and rebranding and the slogn: Words and Images Matter.  You betcha they do as Sarah Palin would say.  Talking of her, isn't it brilliant to discover that she went over the border to take advantage of Canada's health care system, yet she denies that there is any good in the plan that our President has been trying to pass. It just goes to show the hypocrisy and stupidity that she and those who ally themselves with her negative, philistine and xenophobic stance display.

Here's a book review from that is really illuminating about what makes people homophobes.  The book proposes that the reasons are much more basic and primal, without any analysis, and it also has interesting things to say about the imagination.

Sherry asks: if you were forced to spend a year in a cardboard box and could only take five items what praytell would they be? I would take my Minnie Mouse snow globe, my husband, my dogs and a cellphone so I could call my assistant to come and rescue me.

Here's the trailer for my next film Boogie Woogie, which is released in the Uk on April 16th and in the Us on April 23rd.  It's racy!!!!