L'uomo homo and free opera!

Thursday 11 Mar 10

Check me out in this month's L'Uomo Vogue...Remember I made a little video from the photo shoot, and I kept the make-up on to go and see Lady Gaga in concert? Well, here's the finished product...

Also my friend Sue has told me about the latest project of the company she works for, Streetwise Opera.  They are mounting a production of Carmen at the Fortune Theatre (near Covent Garden) in London at 7.30pm on Sunday 21st March.  Performers will include professional soloists as well as homeless performers (Streetwise takes music programmes to homeless centres to help homeless people move on with their lives). The cast will be rounded up by members of the public who have raised sponsorship for the opportunity to perform in the show.  (They’ve raised just over £10,000 so far and really deserve a good audience). And if you email Sue at sg@streetwiseopera.org and mention 'Alan Cumming' you'll get free tickets for the event!! So what are you waiting for, troubadours?

Here's a video of a former Streetwise project, a film and music installation called My Secret Heart. I saw this in an art gallery in Edinburgh last year during the film festival there, and it was utterly mesmerising.