Go Cynthia!!

Friday 12 Mar 10

Regular readers will know that I am a little obsessed with circumcision and how I feel that it is gential mutilation on a mass scale.  One of the arguments that proponents and indeed some of the medical profession (who, I'll wager, are circumcised themselves) use as an example of why it should happen is protection against HIV. (And what, education about safe sex comes second to lopping off a bit of the most sensitive part of thier bodies?!) This article confounds the HIV argument. It's really interesting.

And here is the lovely Cynthia Nixon and a video about fighting back for equality in NY state.  Brava! She's getting a GLAAD Vitto Russo award tomorrow night, and I'm hosting so I will be able to tell her how much I appreciate her work in person.

And then here I am being a beeotch to Becca in The Good Wife.  Three snaps, thank you.