Friday 19 Mar 10

Here is the first film I ever directed, a short called Butter.

It's funny seeing it again after so long. I first wrote it as a monologue which was performed by my friend Jane Maud, a fellow actor at the Royal Shakespeare Company in the 89/90 season.  When the company toured to Newcastle there was always an RSC fringe festival and so I wrote three monologues under the umbrella title Listen, I'm Talking for the festival and Butter was one of them.

I just became really intrigued by the fact that so many people I knew had quite weird issues about food.  Not just about not eating to stay looking a certain way, but also about the way food was seen as a reward or a penance or something that would, in this case, make themselves more alluring to a prospective lover.  I've also had, at times, a rather stange relationship with food myself, so I was really interested in trying to find out more and illustrate more about why and how we allow it to be a substitute and a balm for so much in our lives.

I also wanted to do a film that had a central character who was incredibly together and at the top of her game, but then you see in a really desperate state.  I knew, and still do know, of many people who are functioning addicts and who are able to live a life that seems completely in control and healthy, but at the same time they have a side to them that is pretty irrational or even out of control.

Anyway, enjoy.  It's a lovely day here in New York City. Spring has truly about to sprung. I just biked to a breakfast meeting and saw a man sunbathing in the park!