My inner porcupine

Saturday 20 Mar 10

I am away in the mountains.  Upstate New York, in the Catskills. It is so beautiful, big lumps of snow still on the ground where the plow has pushed them and yet the lovliest spring day with a breeze coming across the hills. I am here with a group of friends, many of whom I haven't seen for ages. I always love how you see people up here -  you're not just grabbing some time with them in a noisy bar or at a restaurant, you're actually spending proper time, cooking, lying around, enjoying the silence.  It's such a great way to check in.

There is a porcupine down the hill gnawing away at the pine trees. We are a bit worried about Honey getting too close and getting a face full of quills. But then I realised that the porcupine has become emblematic of something else. Everyone has stress of different kinds and this weekend I think the focus of our stress has become the porcupine, and probably the threat and risk of what he (or she) might do has been magnified because of it.  I am sure there have been porcupines in them there hills for years and we just haven't seen any, or else they haven't eaten our bark.

I am trying to reason with my inner porcupine and tell it to keep its quills to itself.

Here is a blast from the past.  A behind the scenes thing from Goldeneye.