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Tuesday 14 Oct 08

Hello everyone!

I wrote a piece for the huffington post! Read it  here.

Also things are looking a little scary in California for the No on Prop 8.  Please got to Equality California and see what you can do to help.  This is a very scary situation.  The bigots who want to prejudice against gay people have garnered a lot of support and cash. We need to fight back.

I saw Madonna's film Filth and Wisdom last night. It is fascinating. I really like what she said  at the start of the film, about how she doesn't think it's all that big a deal to go between writing a song to writing a book to directing a film or whatever.  All you are doing in each discipline is telling a story. I've always felt that.

What's also interesting about the film is that every writer uses their life experience in their work, but when it's someone like Madonna we already know so much about her.  What becomes interesting is what she has decided to use from her life to let us see.