This is what change looks like!!

Monday 22 Mar 10

What an amazing thing! Last night was epic and historic and beautiful.  I feel so excited to be living in America during a time of such huge and radical change.  As Obama siad, this is what change looks like! He has done it! This is such an amazing feather in his cap in addition to such an amazing turnaround in the way America treats its poor.  And this is what the people voted for.  All these screaming people with their 'Obama is a communist' and 'Obama is a Nazi' signs (hello people, if you're going to engage in hyperbole, try and all agree on which end of the political spectrum you want to lie about) seem to have forgotten that the people spoke in November 2008 and what they asked for is precisely what they are getting as of last night: real, big, sweeping change that alters the sensibility of the whole nation in a good and fair and brave way that will benefit us all.  Yay!

I am on a plane. Again. I will tell you all why tomorrow as it's sort of a secret. But there is a clue in today's random youtube video below.

I went onto today and had a look at my sicknesses. Right now they are: Caledonian Macbrayne ferries, flip video, Gay rights, Lena Zavaroni and truffle oil. I was horrified to discover on one of the posts in the truffle oil sickness group that what we all think of as truffle oil actually isn't!  It's really olive oil with some chemical stuff in it that makes it taste and smell like truffle oil! I am quite shocked.  So, apparently, are loads of chefs who don't want to believe that this is true and are hanging on to the idea that truffle oil has truffles in it in the way that children don't want to believe the tooth fairy is really their mum and dad.  Woops, spoiler alert!

You'll be glad to hear I am flying Virgin today, one of my top favourite airlines ever in the whole wide world. The Virgin Upper Class lounge at Heathrow is one of my favourite places. When I fly with them  from London I go there hours earlier than I have to just to be able to luxuriate. You can get a massage and a haircut! And it looks like some amazing 70s space-age film set. You expect Jane Fonda to serve you drinks in thigh-high boots. 

Oh, I have written an article for this month's OUT magazine about the role of religion in the movement for equality in the United States. Check it out, y'all. I would link to it here, but OUT doesn't seem to allow that. Ah well.  We may not have free access to OUT magazine, but 30 million people have healthcare today!!