Make my day

Tuesday 23 Mar 10

Last night I performed a couple of songs at the Geffen Playhouse Annual Backstage Gala in Los Angeles. The evening honoured Barry Meyer of Warner Brothers and the small but beautifully formed sensation that is Kristin Chenoweth.  The reason I was being secretive about what I was doing yesterday was that I knew that Kristin had no idea I was going to be there.  I saw her at the cocktail party beforehand and even then she had no idea that I was going to perform.  I opened the show with Mein Herr and then later did Taylor the Latte Boy, which of course Kristin has sung once or twice! (That's why it was randon youtube video of the day yesterday).

The evening also included theatrical anecdotes from Rita Wilson, French Stewart, Christina Applegate Sharon Lawrence and Hank Azaria (We talked Smurfs and how everyone seems to be so obsesssed with them! I don't know if I mentioned it on the blog actually, but I am voicing the role of Gutsy Smurf in the new Smurfs film. Naturally).  Then Dick Van Vyke appeared and sang Supercalifragilisitcexpeealidocious.  Yes, really, why would I lie about a thing like that?!.  Then, get this, Clint Eastwood turned up, told a little story, gave the award to Barry and then sat down onstage right next to me!!  Our knees touched! My mum is a huge Clint fan and I know she will freak out when I tell her.  He has a very wide leg stance when he sits. I suppose that's why our knees touched. Then the lovely Matthew Morrison from Glee gave Kristin her award and a good time was had by all.

You can watch a little video about the event here. And this is how Kristin and I met...