Do You Take It In The Ass?

Wednesday 24 Mar 10


Honey is not herself today.  Yesterday she went to the vet to have a little lump taken off her eye, and whilst she was under they cleaned her teeth too. Last night she was very groggy and also having a lot of trouble with the lampshade thing that she has to wear round her head to stop her scratching at her stitches.  She was banging into chairs and walls all night. Today she is a little better, and certainly not woozy with the anaesthetic any more, but still not 100%. I was going to put up a picture of her in her lampshade but her publicist intervened. Instead, here she is with Leon, taken the other evening as they were having some downtime.

Ask Alan!

From Sasha in Russia: That is the question: what do you think about Russia? And just now something like the entry: I am from this big country and it seems that in the world it looks like a useless and very cold state, which feels itself the great civilization and which couldn''t be interesting. Partially, it is true, but it isn't problem. I am terrified that, maybe, nobody from another country knows that people can live here . Different people with eyes, hands and thoughts. And you. Your opinion is very important for me. Because I love your creativity. And I like you. Could you believe that I exist? my name is Sasha and I'm very happy to write you. Thank you for your attention! I want to tell you so much, but it can be boring, because I couldn't  reproduce all pictures and words, which spin in my head - only on russian. Also I would preferred to portray the old-fashioned carousel. But how. P.S.,  I hope you will understand my English. I will wait your answer, thank you again !  Sasha, that is the sweetest message. I think I do understand all the images spinning in your head! I think that people think very kindly of Russia, at least I do. I know that I am really looking forward to visiting your country one day soon. Anyway, I am glad you like my blog - presumably you're reading it on the Russian language version page -  and I congratulate on your magical English!

From Alfred in Texas: Dear Mr. Cumming I love your theatrical performance in 'Cabaret' I can't seem to see it enough. But I have a question about it, why does it look like you brused your arms in the makeing of this performance? And will we ever see you do this performance again?  Thanks Alfred. I put bruises on my arms and body on purpose! I wanted the character to look really wasted. He had track marks too, and I felt that he was probably either beaten up or had bruises from rough sex. I just really wanted to show that this person was living a very volatile existence, and yet he was also alluring and charming.  And no, I will never play the Emcee in Cabaret again! I don't even ever want to sing Wilkommen again. People often ask me to sing it to open tributes or charity nights and I always say no.  I just don't want to be Carol Channing, if you see what I mean.

So is your obsession not CalMac ferries like it says on the site?  I think you need to tell them it was a secret.  Looking forward to the film though - used to visit Lewis regulalry.  That is unless of course you have multiple obsessions....... This reader is referring to,. the obsession-based website I have been developing with my friend Barnaby  and which is online now.  You go there and either make or join an obsession (sickness) group and find out stuff and meet people who share the same sickness as you.  One of my sicknesses is Caledonian MacBrayne ferries, which go to all the little islands off the west coast of Scotland.  Check it out!

Jana in Seattle: Alan, I think you're delicious as Eli Gold on "The Good Wife".  Please tell me they will spin off Eli for his own show?!?  I want to see him dress down wayward politicians for years to come!  I doubt Eli will have a spin-off series, but he will be appearing in the show for a while, with lots of dressing down of various people! And it's just been announced that he (and I) will become a series regular in the second season.

Truffle oil update! Claire wrote me to say that there is indeed truffle oil available that is actually made from truffles.  Of course, it's available in France! I guess it is good to know though that it does still exist and we are not being totally duped. What I would like to know is what kind of chemicals are used to give the truffle oil flavour?  Are they nasty and carcanogenic?  Anyone know?

Last night after I got back from Los Angeles and had given Honey some lovin' I went to Joe's Pub to see The Wet Spots. They are a really fun, dirty duo, Cass and John, from Vancouver who perform brilliant, fun and dirty songs. My favourite is one called Bicurious George, and here is the video of their biggest hit...