What a day

Thursday 25 Mar 10

Today I rode a pink elephant and put my head inside a lion's mouth.  Today I touched a man's bare bum in Madison Square Park. Today I got a vitamin B injection in my arm.  Today I talked about sex in the nineties over curry.  Today I was asked how I felt about turning fifty. Today I took my shirt off on fifth avenue twice.    Today I told a woman I was an alien.  Today I was asked how big I wanted my boobs to be.

Yes, it's been another packed day on Planet Alan. And that's only the half of it.  There was so much more.  But to put you put of you miseries...the pink elephant and the lion were statues on a truck in Union Square and I got on it for a photo-shoot.  The man's bare bum was also a statue and I was photographed fondling it too, and I changed a couple of times on the street for the shoot thus baring my manly chest. The vitamin B injection was from my doctor who I had gone to for an insurance medical for my next job which is a TV series called Runaway in South Africa in which I will play a transvestite, hence the boobs question. I had Indian food for lunch with a man who is writing a book about sex in the nineties (I am a sexual pioneer apparently.  I feel like a deviant Davy Crockett) I did an interview for the London Times and he used the f-word (fifty) and I also did an interview with TV Guide and said I was from another planet.

This picture is of me and was sent to me by my friend Kevin, one of the writers of Reefer Madness, and I think it is a hoot.  For those of you who haven't seen it, Reefer Madness is hilarious and I play loads of different roles including Goat Man, who comes out of a volcano in an orgy scene, naturally. Here I am in one of my other guises in the movie, FDR. Yes, that's right.

Honey update: Thanks for your kind messages about Honey's eye. She is feeling much better today, back to her sprightly self, though still having some coordination issues when the lampshade is on.  Here she is enjoying the spring weather at our favourite cafe.  Isn't she a pretty thing?


And here's a behind the scenes video of the photo shoot I did the other week for Save A Life.  I'm going for a lie down now. It's been a very draining day.