Ya numptie

Friday 26 Mar 10

I have been amazed how much attention is being lavished on the Smurfs movie. Today I am back shooting on The Good Wife and even the fact that I am becoming a series regular on the show next season heralded less interest and questions from the cast and crew than my portrayal of Gutsy Smurf. Who knew the Smurfs had such a wide demographic

I have done two days work laying down all of Gutsy's lines, and the movie starts shooting on Monday in NYC. Gutsy is Scottish, complete with kilt, and I am very excited to say that I hope to be able to introduce the world to a brilliant Scottish word - numptie, as in 'ya big numptie'. You see when you do these voice roles in film they usually ask you to improvise and bring some of you to the character and so I was able to delve into the part of my brain where obscure yet brilliantly onamotapoeic Scottish words are kept. Just you wait, everyone will be saying it next year!

The sound stages for The Good Wife are in converted factories, and from my dressing room I can see the beautiful industrial landscape of Greenpoint. I'm not being facetious, I really do think it's beautiful. There is a building right opposite that has four giant silver onion-shaped things with a glass walkway connecting them at the top. I can't imagine what it's for but it is very stylish.

Talking of stylish, I would like to give a shout out to the boys from Moods of Norway. They dressed me on Oscar night and I went in to meet them at their place on Roberston when I was in LA the other day. They are great, such fun boys and I love the aesthetic of their brand: the labels say 'made in Europe by really really pretty blonde girls' and they merge rustic Norway and cosmopolitan cocktail chic. Anyone whose logo is a tractor is A ok in my book!

Everyone is very excited on the set as we've just heard there will be a pizza truck coming at midnight!! Now the fact that we'll be working till all hours of Saturday morning doesn't seem so bad as we can stuff our faces and forget how tired we are! Ah, showbiz!

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