Maggie Thatcher, milk snatcher!

Tuesday 30 Mar 10

Please welcome my little sidebars!!  They are so I can sell things to you, the innocent reader.  No matter how short or long my blog they, or those like them, will remain, urging you to click on them and buy or do something that I want you to buy or do.  I feel crazed with power! They are actually called kickers in the trade, apparently, so please enjoy these friendly kicks.  And there is a prize for the first person who can tell me which film this picture (above) is taken from.  The prize is a limited edition, old titled copy of the DVD of Ghost Writer. The fifth person who emails via askalan with the correct answer wins. Then we'll write you back and you can give us your mailing address.  Ready, steady,go!!

It is really juicy today on the set of The Good Wife.  I find it quite frustrating because I want to talk in detail about the scenes I am working on, but I know that if I did that I would give away the plotlines and I would probably get into trouble, so suffice to say I am doing a really great scene in which Eli Gold does something really magnanamous but ultimately he gets something to happen that he has been trying to engineer for some time!  And....scene.

Instead I am going to talk about the UK election, which is coming up soon though we know not exactly when. I have been shocked over the last couple of years to hear my lefty friends in London talk so scathingly about Gordon Brown and the Labour Party. I think that Tony Blair has a lot to answer for. It's quite interesting to look back and surmise that were it not for his decision to go to war in Iraq, his legacy, and therefore his succesor Gordon Brown's inheritance, would have been so much rosier.  Indeed, if Blair had gone earlier, when the British public's anger and indignance at his flouting of their opinions was at its height, instead of hanging on, ego-manically, until he had passed Thatcher in the length of time spent in Downing Street, then Gordon Brown would probably not be in the ambiguous position he is in now, he would not be practising crisis management and we would not all be getting used to the idea of a future hung parliament.

But the idea that the Tories might actually win is anathema to me.  I am an old-fashioned leftie, from the Socialist state of Scotland after all! Talking of which...Hello, America and all you who sail in her who believe that health reform is the first step towards Communism - wake up and smell the coffee, maybe even do a little research and realise that still actually having to pay for your health insurance leaves the good ol' U S of A proudly on the capitalist end of the not so free market. Also, countries who have adopted the notion that your taxes should pay for your health and education and welfare do not neccesarily fall into the grip of some oppressive dictator who is going to make everyone bicycle to work, not wear make-up and stand in line to buy stale bread.  We get by pretty well.

Anyway, back to the Tories.  They have of course, under David Cameron, had a bit of a make-over, become more centrist, the louder 'what they need is a good whipping' ranks have been hushed up and sent out to pasture.  But, I don't really believe they have disappeared, and I don't believe that the sensibility of the party that spewed out Margaret Thatcher into our lives only thirty years ago has changed so radically that prejudice and bigotry will never rear their ugly heads again.  To wit, here is a video of David Cameron having some trouble remembering where he stands on LGBT equality.  He doesn't exactly inspire confidence.