Lincoln Center American Songbook

Monday 27 Oct 08

It has been officially announced that I will be part of the line-up for Lincoln Center's American Songbook series. I will be doing two shows on Saturday February 7th 2009 in the Allen Room at Jazz at Lincoln Center.

So what does this mean?  This means that I will be doing an entire show with a band.  Yes, just me, singing (and doing a spot of chatting). I have wanted to do something like this for a long time, but either it has never worked out or I have found some way to make it not happen.  I think I have had a paranoia about singing in public as me, without any character to hide behind, because I feel that as I have been in a few Broadway musicals and won a Tony for doing one, I am possibly perceived in a certain way as someone who has the technique and style of voice that people expect when they think of Broadway, and in reality I do not have that at all.  So I have worried that I will dissapoint in that I will not live up to people's expectations.

But don't get me wrong: I don't want to have that sort of voice.  I just don't want to mislead.  And having worked with Lance Horne, my musical director, for a few months, and tried to sing as often as possible in public (tonight I am doing a couple of songs at the Box and then a couple of others at Joe's Pub!) I am beginning to feel quite confident and excited about both getting over my phobia and infusing the cabaret/concert style of evening with my own taste and sensibility.

So there you go.  You can get tickets here