My week at home

Tuesday 9 Dec 08

I am back in Hawaii after ten days at home in NYC. It was very discombobulating to be sledding in the Catskills less than 24 hour after leaving a hot, dusty set on Lanai. 

Here's what my nutty week was like:

I went to see the National Theatre of Scotland's production of Black Watch at St Anne's Warehouse in Dumbo.  It is a really stunning piece of work, and another example of director John Tiffany's amazing showmanship. (He directed me in The Bacchae). Black Watch is about a regiment of Scottish soldiers, their experiences in Iraq, and also their history and in a way the history of how poor young Scots have been used by the powers that be as cannon fodder both literally and metaphorically.

I went to the opening night of Liza's At The Palace. I am truly a New Yorker now: I saw Liza singing New York, New York at the Palace!!  She is in great form and sweats up a storm.  A very different evening to Black Watch, but every bit as powerful and electrifying.

I saw a film I am in called Dare.  I am only in it for a couple of scenes, so I feel it is ok for me to say that I think it is great.  David Brind is the very talented writer and Adam Salky the director, and they have made a film about three high school kids coming to terms with their sexuality and ambition that is so different to what a film with that description would normally be. It is incredibly thought-provoking and complex, and also really confounds our expectations of where the three mains characters are going to end up. I am very proud to say the film will be in dramatic competition at the Sundance Film Festival, premiering on January 19th 2009.  I play an actor who comes back to his alma mater and bitchslaps Emmy Rossum

My friend Ned Stresen-Reuter and I made a little film about safe sex for the Trojan Condoms website.  I am in it with a crew of friends and friends of friends. Thanks to everyone who came along and said their bit (or showed their bit). The film is part of a campaign to give away a million condoms.  I'll keep you posted about when it goes online.

I was a guest on the pilot of a new Bravo show called Fashionality. It is a sort of fashion magazine show, but as I was in and out of the studio in less than an hour, my grasp of it is somewhat limited.  All I know is it was a lot of fun and also rather alarming when they showed pictures of me in various outifts throughout the years and asked me to comment on my own style.  I meant to say on the show, and so will get it out there now, that I am always really quite happy to be in the back of magazines like US Weekly in their fashion police section, or to hear those people on TV baulk at what I am wearing at some event because I would never expect everyone to share my taste, and often when I see what those critics are wearing I actively don't want them to.  So there.

I rehearsed a lot with Lance Horne for my Lincoln Center American Songbook shows. I have decided to call the show I Bought A Blue Car Today because that is the sentence I had to write down in my naturalization test to prove my prowess in English, and the show is sort of about me coming to America.  Also in my ongoing conquest of my singing in public nerves I went to Birdland last Monday night and sang a couple of songs at Cast Party and then went on to Chez Josephine and sang a couple there too at a birthday party! I also did a podcast for Lincoln Center's website about my show, so when it is online I will post it here.

I am going to go for  swim now.  I remember once about ten years ago I was filming in Puerto Rico and I came home to the hotel one night and just walked into the ocean. I floated on my back looking at the stars and thought I must never forget how lucky I am to have a job that allows to have experiences like that. I am about to go and have another of those experiences again.