Fashion and backstage

Saturday 12 Feb 11

Here is the next instalment of my words of wisdom for The Chic Report...


I have been having a  bit of a fashion frenzy.  Last night was my friend Cynthia Rowley's show which was really great. The clothes reminded me of David Hockney paintings of people in London in the 60s like this one...I loved them, and I got some really great snaps of the models' feet.  I was sitting next to my friend Glenda  Bailey from Harpers bazaar and we had a lovely chat. It's really funny because, now that I am going to play Salvador Dali in a film later this year, I am finding out so much about him and also that so many people, like Glenda, have so many great stories about him. I can't wait.

I also had a lovely chat with Cynthia's kids about Justin Beiber. They are off to see his movie today, so they were full of Beiber fever.  Here I am in the front row...




Finally here is a little video I did about fashion for the New York Times T Magazine, and my latest behind the scenes of The Good Wife video.