f you momofuku

Thursday 14 May 09

last night I got chucked out of momofuku ssam bar on second avenue in the east village.  and for why i hear you cry?  oh, for ordering food and wine! yes, that's right, folks.  and the man who ejected us had, i suspect, been imbibing something other than the delicious fare that we have come to expect from this downtown eaterie.

here's what happened: i arrive with my man to meet three friends at momofuku ssam bar.  they have already been eating and recommend the squid salad which i order along with some saki.  i eat the salad and drink the saki. both are delicious. then two of the friends leave, and my manager arrives.  we order some wine and more food for my lovely manager and the table. 

shortly after this a tall, agitated man (who had not introduced himself as an employee of the restaurant and this omission, in addition to his bizarre demanour, made us think for a good thirty seconds that he was just a crazy person who had come over to bother us ) started telling us that because some of us had joined an existing booking we couldn't have the table anymore and we had to leave.  the wine had already arrived and was opened, and our food order had gone to the kitchen but he told us he couldn't allow the food to come to our table.  'so we're in your restaurant and we've ordered food and wine and you took our order and the wine has already arrived and and you're now telling us to leave?' i asked. he concurred, although he did, i sense, realise what a total dick he was being and how he had handled the situation badly, and as a concession said we could take our wine and go and drink it in the back (where there were no seats or tables) but by this point we were out of there.  very poor momofuku ssam bar, very poor.

i get it.  i understand the point that some of us had sort of piggybacked a reservation, but really. there's a way to do things, like maybe telling us this before we ordered, or being lucid.

the only good thing to come out of it is that on our way to the mermaid inn (where we had a delicious dinner and our waitress was not only very cordial but also beautiful) i realised that in their rush to turf us out they hadn't given me the bill for my squid salad and glass of saki.  so ha, i say.

f you, momofuku.