I Bought A Blue Car Today comes to London!

Thursday 9 Jul 09

I Bought A Blue Car Today, my one-man musical extravaganza is coming to the Vaudeville Theatre in London's West End for 8 performances only from 1-6 September.

I will be performing it with Lance Horne, my trusty musical director/composer and a band of young Brits.  We did the show earlier this year at Lincoln Center, NYC and the the Sydney Opera House so it's about time that it came to Blighty!

Here's the statement I made about the West End run: “I am so excited to be bringing my show to London and especially to the Vaudeville Theatre, because I think the show itself is a bit vaudeville - it’s just me, my band, some funny stories and some great songs. But the connection I feel with an audience when performing it is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced and I can’t wait to share that with London.”     Book tickets here

Also, coming soon, I Bought A Blue Car Today the album!! Yes, we are in the studio as I type.  And I have written a song with Lance on it called Next to Me!