The Real Cabaret

Saturday 17 Oct 09

A documentary I presented, The Real Cabaret, airs on BBC4 this week.  It tries to discover the stories behind the movie, investigating both the people who made it and also the people it was based on.

This is a subject very close to my heart in many ways and it was a really exciting project for me to work on. In NYC I interviewed Liza Minnelli, composer John Kander and librettist Joe Masteroff, as well as German cabaret artistse Ute Lemper and others. Then I went to Berlin and talked to many experts and afficianados of the time and discovered the awful fate that befell so many of these great, progressive performers and writers. I also dabbled a little in contemporary Berlin cabaret to see how it measures up to its Weimar past.

It airs on Tuesday at 9pm on BBC4 and then several times throughout the week.