Lincoln Center American Songbook

Monday 27 Oct 08

It has been officially announced that I will be part of the line-up for Lincoln Center's American Songbook series. I will be doing two shows on Saturday February 7th 2009 in the Allen Room at Jazz at Lincoln Center.

So what does this mean?  This means that I will be doing an entire show with a band.  Yes, just me, singing (and doing a spot of chatting). I have wanted to do something like this for a long time, but either it has never worked out or I have found some way to make it not happen.  I think I have had a paranoia about singing in public as me, without any character to hide behind, because I feel that as I have been in a few Broadway musicals and won a Tony for doing one, I am possibly perceived in a certain way as someone who has the technique and style of voice that people expect when they think of Broadway, and in reality I do not have that at all.  So I have worried that I will dissapoint in that I will not live up to people's expectations.

But don't get me wrong: I don't want to have that sort of voice.  I just don't want to mislead.  And having worked with Lance Horne, my musical director, for a few months, and tried to sing as often as possible in public (tonight I am doing a couple of songs at the Box and then a couple of others at Joe's Pub!) I am beginning to feel quite confident and excited about both getting over my phobia and infusing the cabaret/concert style of evening with my own taste and sensibility.

So there you go.  You can get tickets here


last minute fundraiser for the man!!

Wednesday 22 Oct 08

This is going to be great! Already the lovely Susan Sarandon has given us a dress and bag she wore to the Emmys! And I am hitting up many chums for good auctionable stuff.  We need to help the Obama campaign as much as we can in these last weeks.  Yes we can!!

ok, can we just end this

Sunday 19 Oct 08

So large swathes of America are un-American?  Elected officials in the US congress and senate are un-American?

Reporters are being attacked at Mccain/Palin rallies, where people are actually shouting out that they want to kill Barack Obama.

I have never felt so much fear and hatred. I am appalled at the way it is being so cynically encouraged by a political party. 

This is America.  God save it, someone really has to.

huffington post

Tuesday 14 Oct 08

Hello everyone!

I wrote a piece for the huffington post! Read it  here.

Also things are looking a little scary in California for the No on Prop 8.  Please got to Equality California and see what you can do to help.  This is a very scary situation.  The bigots who want to prejudice against gay people have garnered a lot of support and cash. We need to fight back.

I saw Madonna's film Filth and Wisdom last night. It is fascinating. I really like what she said  at the start of the film, about how she doesn't think it's all that big a deal to go between writing a song to writing a book to directing a film or whatever.  All you are doing in each discipline is telling a story. I've always felt that.

What's also interesting about the film is that every writer uses their life experience in their work, but when it's someone like Madonna we already know so much about her.  What becomes interesting is what she has decided to use from her life to let us see.


geeking out for barack!

Friday 10 Oct 08

Check me out! This was taken in Times Square last week. I am on a moving billbioard in support of