Macbeth at Lincoln Center!

Tuesday 29 May 12

Here's an interview I did for Lincoln Center with John Tiffany!



Thursday 24 May 12

Here are a few videos in my capacity as host of MASTERPIECE!

Glasgow Subway photo ban drama!!

Tuesday 22 May 12

It was brought to my attention by the people at Picture Our Subway that if the Glasgow Subway company have their way I would be fined 1000 pounds for taking this picture on the right, which I tweeted last week...

Isn't that ridiculous?! Now I understand that in this day and age there are security issues that must be heeded but I mean, really, taking a picture of an advertisement for a fantastic play with a hot nose-bleeding man on it?!  Luckily I am not the only one who thinks this is a bit much, because these similar images have been streaming into my twitter feed from my followers in Glesga...

And also the Herald newspaper has taken up the story. Read their piece here. Also you might want to visit the Picture Our Subway website  and make a formal complaint or follow them on Twitter.



In other news here is an interview I gave for Scotland on Sunday Spectrum. And here is the cover picture...

And here's a wee preview in the New York Times about Macbeth at the Lincoln center Festival...



Thursday 10 May 12

This is a picture of me as Macbeth, drawn by my husband Grant Shaffer, for the New Yorker magazine. I am currently in Glasgow reharsing for this National Theatre of Scotland production which opens at the Tramway in Glasgow on June 13th, then in NYC at the Lincoln Center festival for a two week run from July 5th.

A great thing happened yesterday when President Obama came out and supported gay marriage.

And finally, a blast from the past, Victor and Barry and their Glasgow anthem with the closing helicopter shot to end all closing helicopter shots...


Any Day Now

Tuesday 1 May 12

Last night I was honoured with the Star Award from Live out Loud. It was a very inspiring evening.  Check out Live out Loud if you haven't already as they are doing great work in encouraging young people to be strong and happy and proud. A pretty good thing to do, huh? The lovely Sandra Bernhard presented me with the award and I am so grateful to her and all my friends who came along or supported me by making contributions to the evening.

Tonight is the NYC launch of my photo exhibit Alan Cumming Snaps! Yikes! And then tomorrow morning I am off at the crack back to the UK to continue filming the documentary series City Secrets. Look out Liverpool and Newcastle! I'm coming to probe your depths!

Next Tuesday I start rehearsals in Glasgow for Macbeth with the National Theatre of Scotland. Also yikes. So happy to report that my friend John Tiffany (one of the directors of Macbeth) and Stephen Hoggett were nominated for Tonys today for their work on the musical Once! It is a beautiful piece of work and I am totally kvelling right now.

Yesterday I was in Dublin. I can't quite believe that I am actually standing, let alone partying up a storm by attending the launch of my photo show or throwing surprise birthday parties then getting up and going to the gym! You see, last Saturday I was in Singapore. Since then I have been in Kuala Lumpur, Abu Dhabi, London, Bristol, NYC and then Dublin. I also managed to shoot two episodes of City Secrets, the travel documentary series I am doing for Sky Atlantic, went to the opening of my husband's painting show and did a press day and attended the Tribeca Film Festival world premiere for Any Day Now, the movie I shot last summer in LA. See below for the premiere pics with my co-stars Garret Dillahunt and Isaac Leyva. I am wearing a natty outfit by Lucio Castro

Oh, I also was the guest of honour at an event in aid of the Robert Giard Foundation, which aims to continue the photographer's work of cataloguing the LGBT exeprience by giving scolarships to young visual artists. Check them out.

Below are some pics from the premiere of Any Day Now are a couple of TV interviews about the movie