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Friday 24 Jun 11

As I write this we are still waiting to see if the NY senate is going to debate the marriage equality bill later today.  I hope tou have all called your senators.  Scroll down to find the phone numbers.  I am crossing everything and hoping that before I get home to NYC there will be good news. I could do with another wedding.

I have been very amused by the reaction to my hair when I attended the Critics' Choice television awards in Los Angeles on Monday.  I have not been taking any wonder growth drugs, I am not trying to look like Nicolas cage for any possible biopic, I am not starring in a revival of Les Miserables.  I was wearing the wig I had to wear for the film I just wrapped called Famlee, and on the day of the awards ceremony I had to get it out on in my hotel room then go to the awards and then go straight to set to shoot my last day.  Famlee is set in the 70s, hence the long do.  Underneath it are still my own greying locks.  So I hope that answers all the questions and people can sleep easy at night once more.  Maybe there was a clue in what I said when I picked up the award for Julianna Marguiles (she won, I didn't). I said 'I am not Julianna Marguiles, though I appear to be wearing her wig this afternoon. We have a time share scheme with it'.

I amd in the UK and about to do something I have never done beofre: cruise the Atlantic!  And guess what I did yestreday? I went to the Titanic section of the Maritime Museum in Southampton. Yes, I know, rather morbid. But I am a good ex-boy scout so always prepared.

Here's an extract of the latest audiobook I have recorded. A really amazing book, a novel version of Macbeth written by David Hewson and AJ Hartley.  I loved reading it

And then a very funny montage from The Runaway that a very prolific someone has posted on Youtube.  It is a very surreal experience to see yourself in so many different girly outfits in a couple of minutes, let me tell ya.

emmy chat

Monday 20 Jun 11

1,324 Reasons for Marriage Equality in New York

Thursday 16 Jun 11

My friend Krystal Banzon made this PSA as her Community Service Project for The Point Foundation and how very timely it is with the marriage equality bill going to the New York Senate tomorrow. 

You can help too by calling and emailing these Senators to make sure they vote the right way tomorrow.

Senator Gregory R. Ball of Putnam County (845) 279-3773

Senator Charles J. Fuschillo Jr. of Suffolk County (516) 882-0630

Senator J. Kemp Hannon of Nassau County (516) 739-1700

Senator Andrew J. Lanza of Staten Island (718) 984-4073

Senator Betty Little of Glens Falls (518) 743-0968

Senator Mark Grisanti of Erie County (518) 455-3240

Senator Stephen M. Saland of Poughkeepsie (845) 463-0840

Senator John Flanagan of Long Island (518) 455-2071

the race is on

Saturday 11 Jun 11

Hey peeps.  Some of you may not know this, but the NY legislature finishes for its summer recess on June 20th and there is a race and campaign on to bring the marriage equality bill back to the table before it does so.  It is still very dicey and down to the wire in terms of which senators will change their bigoted and anti-civil rights stance on this, BUT what has proved to be incredibly effective is them being reminded of the weight and, yes I'm going to say it, sheer girth, of public opinion that is very much against those views.

Step in to the frame Friend Factor, a great organistaion where friends come together to stand up for gay friends' rights. They are running a special campaign geared towards the NY senate, and what hapens is you join, and they show you how to get your friends involved and how easy it is to call a NY senator to voice your views.  And every call that is sent ensures a flower is sent to Albany for a visual protest too.  It really is amazing, it works and don't forget, time is marching on, people....


Also exciting news is that lots of the LGBT groups have come together in NY to form  New Yorkers United For Marriage.  They have a great website telling you what you can do and you can be sure that any money you donate is going straight to the front lines of this battle to get a few stubborn, scared and out of touch men and women to change their minds on giving people equality.  It is such a little thing but it take s a lot of money and effort to make change happen, as we have seen over the past few years! So please help if you can and try to get this bill brought to the senate in the next few weeks. I will blog pictures of my wedding if it happens on this very site!!!  Honest!

Here we are getting hitched in the UK, where gay people are treated with the rights and respect they deserve.

On another note, Cabaret has been much on my mind for the past few days.  So many people I run into have mentioned it. Was up wit dat? So here I am on the 1998 Drama Desk awards singing  I Don't Care Much.

Courage! Equality!

Wednesday 8 Jun 11

Here are some good things to do!!

Pepsi, bless them, is giving away cash to good causes.  And you can vote and decide who gets it!  If, like me, you'd like to help progressive orgnisations that value equality then go to Pepsi's Refresh Everything website  and create a profile so that you can vote for the Courage Campaign and help it in its work to empower more than 700,000 grassroots and netroots activists to push for progressive change and full equality in California and across the country!! Yay!! 

Once you create a profile on the Refresh Everything website you can vote for the Courage Campaign in three ways: by logging in online, on Facebook, or through text messaging.


Also, if you're more of a fashionista than a soft drink junkie, you may be interested in The Fight For Equality necklace and lapel pin. The concept was created by jewelry designer (and friend of mine), Carlos Antonio. It is a sterling silver, hand-crafted sculpture that is hand polished and stands just over an inch in height. It is very solid in weight yet comfortable. Money raised from the sales of the necklaces and pins go to the True Colors Fund and other organisations that are stepping up their campaigns as we take the last hurdles in the race and the fight for true equality. Here's a pic of me wearing mine, and nothing else apparently, just yesterday.

Tell your friends, make the world a better place. Do it! Courage mes braves!


Saturday 4 Jun 11

It is funny to be in Hell A and to hear how utterly boiling it is in NYC. You always think of here being the hot place. But here it is pleasant.  Pleasant, pleasant, pleasant.

I am having a bit of a bad LA day. Things that I don't get about it are mounting in their adversity against me, and then I had dinner with a couple of friends and we had an LA bitchfest.  I am tired from the movie and from dealing wiht all the detritus of everyday life that you still have to deal with when you want to just completely immerse yourself in someting and someone.

 So I looked at my my camera and I found a video I made last week that shows my favourite view of California, and I found a song that I sang in the Burlesque movie that was ultimately cut that best encapsulates both what I am feeling and what I need to hear right now.  Enjoy!