Outfest and the rest

Monday 23 Jul 12

Today I am having an unexpectedly lazy day in NYC. It's been a while!

Both the meetings I was supposed to have today had to be rescheduled so now I am catching up on things and generally processing what has been going on with me in the last couple of weeks.

I finished Macbeth at the Lincoln Center festival last Saturday and immediately my body crashed. I think it was a combination of doing two shows on the last day (a feat that should only be demanded of the criminally insane or athletic masochists) as well as it being the end of the run and therefore my body knew it was allowed to let go and ask for help, but I spent a few days away just resting and trying to get my old bones to stop hurting. I felt a bit like my dog Honey. She is 12 now and when she has been sleeping for a while she is really stiff and a bit limpy for a minute when she wakes up.  I was the same. Each morning I would creak down the stairs, holding onto the rail and longing for my body to warm up so I could start to function properly. Ah showbiz. Anyway, Macbeth was the most amazing and challenging thing I have ever done and I am so happy to have achieved it and affected people in the way that we did. I had a great time in Glasgow with my old friends from the National Theatre of Scotland and we had a fantastic packed and supportive run at Lincoln Center festival in New York, where I had previously performed The Bacchae with NTS four years ago.

I am also very excited that my photography exhibition Alan Cumming Snaps! has been on display at the 200 Gallery in Provincetown as well as the OUT Hotel in New York City.  Sadly I didn't make it out to P'Town but I hear it was a blast

I started back on Season 4 of The Good Wife and it is looking to be a great season. Eli is back on the campaign trail where I think he functions best so I am looking forward to some juicy political masterminding over the next 9 months.

And I just got back from LA where I won the Best Actor award at Outfest for Any Day Now. The movie also won the audience award, as it has at every festval it has screened at: Tribeca, Proveincetown and Seattle. I also won the Best Actor at Seattle. I am really proud of this film and so excited that it will be released late 2012.

Family Equality Council

Monday 16 Jul 12


Because of my portrayal as Rudy in Travis Fine's film Any Day Now I was asked to become a member of the Family Equality  Board of Advocates. The newly created Board of Advocates are a group of luminaries who's mission is to ensure equal rights for the one million moms and dads in the U.S who are LGBT and the two million children they are raising. 


The Family Equality Council is a wonderful organization who is working to create a world where their families are respected, loved and celebrated. Their goal is to change hearts and minds and to advance social justice for all families. They are America's foremost advocate for LGBT family equality and work to achieve their goal by building community through national events and regional programs; providing direct support to LGBT families and prospective parents; educating the American public on issues and securing inclusion in legislation, policies and pracites impacting families. 


It really is an amazing honor and I'm just so grateful for the opportunity.